About Toril & Faerun

Time and Seaons:

The campaign takes place on the world of Toril, on the Material Plane.
Toril includes the continents of Faerun, Kara-Tur, Zakhara, Maztica, Anchorome, and Katashaka.
Rough translations of their cultures for our world would be Faerun as Europe, Kara-Tur as Russia and China, Zakhara as India, Maztica and Anchorome as North America, and Katashaka as South America.
The campaign takes place on the continent of Faerun, which is split into many countries. It is a sprawling continent containing many different cultures, races, and species.
Faerun uses The Calendar of Harptos as a measurement of the passage of years.
Months are spread over 3 seperate tendays, with 12 monthes and 365 days in a year. Their are twelve monthes. 5 seasonal festivals help simpliy the year.

1st Hammer, Deepwinter

Annual Holiday: Midwinter

2nd Alturiak, The Claw of Winter
3rd Ches, The Claw of the Sunsets
4th Tarsakh, The Claw of the Storms

Annual Holiday: Greengrass

5th Mirtul, The Melting
6th Kythorn, The Time of Flowers
7th Flamerule, Summertide

Annual Holiday: Midsummer

8th Eleasis, Highsun
9ath Eleint, The Fading

Annual Holiday: Highharvestide

10th Marpenoth, Leaffall
11th Uktar, The Rotting

Annual Holiday: The Feast of the Moon

12th Nightal, the Drawing Down

About Toril & Faerun

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