Welcome to our campaign page!

The system we play is Pathfinder/3.5e
The setting is 3e Forgotten Realms
We are a group of 6 players playing in Prescott, AZ.
We are just starting our current campaign May 2015.

The group consists of a Lantanese Gnome Mage, two Shield Dwarf Thunder Twins, one a Cleric, one a Rogue, a Human Rogue, a Star Elf Druid, and a Githzerai Monk.

Our campaign takes place in the Forgotten Realms country of Thesk, gateway to the East.
The group initially met in the town of Phent, after a long journey for some and a night spent in the town jail for others.
They agree with the captain of the guard to head to the neighboring settlement of Phsant to find their missing ruler, Lord Bartan Helfer.

Tony's Forgotten Realms

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